There’s a new generation of sunny fragrances that are ready to transport you to those summertime destinations, with their scent alone.

Are you ready to take the journey?


Fragrances for Her

Venture to the Amalfi Coast with Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi. The fragrance is an escape for your senses and no matter where you are, when you’re wearing this fragrance you’re sitting on a terrazzo on the coast, sipping an Aperol Spritz and watching the boats sail by.

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If you want a fragrance that is purely feminine, Gucci The Alchemist's Garden A Forgotten Rose Perfumed Oil is going to be your ultimate summer scent. Like a stroll through a rose garden at dusk, this fragrance plays on sensuality and the allure of summer evenings.  

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Dabble into the new chapter of the La Vie Est Belle collection from Lancôme with La Vie Est Belle Oui. This perfume features rose & iris, two of the most incomparable flowers in the world of parfums. Enjoy bergamot sparkling against pink pepper and raspberry before moving into the sumptuous bouquet of rose and ylang ylang then finally dancing into the sensuality of iris and patchouli. This scent will enchant well into the summer evening.

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For a wide selection of sexy, summer fragrances, Yves Saint Laurent has your travels insured. The sandalwood and suede in Le Vestiaire 24 Rue De L'universite will have you dancing the night away at Hôtel de Sénecterre in Paris.  Quite literally, la belle vie!


Fragrances for Him

If you’re familiar with fragrances, you know Vetiver is commonly used as a base note. This season, Guerlain Vétiver is the scent for the man in your life. Vetiver comes front and center with this grassy, outdoorsy cologne that will have your mind drifting to warm summer days spent outside, masculinity, and sexuality.

Dolce & Gabbana’s classic Light Blue gets a Summer ’22 twist with their new limited-edition cologne. The new Light Blue Italian Love Pour Homme is a perfect addition for any loyal Light Blue fan, and those looking to smell of a summer on the Med. This cologne has citrus scents that dance with the woodsy notes to arouse that strong, passionate, Italian stallion feeling. 

The Hugo Boss Collection has a broad selection cologne for your summer travels. Boss Bottled is the epitome of masculinity. The house chose Chris Hemsworth as the face of the fragrance, so expect this to make you feel powerful with woodsy notes, warm spice, and vetiver.

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Looking for something with a little bit more edge? The New Y Eau De Toilette by YSL is an invitation to connect with your true self. Dive deep within and get inspired as you ride a new wave of creativity.

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Prada Luna Rossa mirrors the rhythm of interaction between man and nature, powerful and fresh yet capable of provoking subtle emotion. Here is scent as extreme sport: fragrances born of an uncompromising challenge between the raw and the refined.

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Unisex Fragrances

Jo Malone London Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense is a sensual summer fragrance that works for everyone. The woodsy scent evokes evenings strolling the Italian countryside, the trees and the vineyards around you. Jo Malone fragrances are meant to be layered, so for a more masculine approach add a spritz of Oud & Bergamot, while the English Pear & Freesia cologne helps bring a lighter scent for a more feminine option.

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Remember those hot summer nights spent playing under the stars, catching lightning bugs, and dancing until dawn? This unisex fragrance captures that memory in a bottle. Tiziana Terenzi Cassiopea is an opulent fragrance that lingers long after your first spritz, much like those magical summer evenings. With Lily of the Valley, citrus notes of lemon, and warm sandalwood, this fragrance embarks on a new fantasy with each wearer as it evolves with your natural oils.

The Atelier Versace Collection offers 6 luxury scents that can be donned by anyone in your travel party. This exclusive line of unisex fragrances boasts the most high-quality elixirs and five-star craftsmanship to produce the intoxicating scents. The collection includes Cédrat De Diamante, Éclat de Rose, Jasmin au Soleil, Figue Blanche, Santal Boisé, and Vanille Rouge. The Cédrat De Diamante is inspired by the Mediterranean with notes of grapefruit, natural woods, and zesty Italian lemon, while giving way to vetiver for a vibrant, sexy finish. 

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Itching to jump on a plane for your summer holiday? Be sure to reserve one of these delectable summer fragrances online and pick them up at the airport. An efficient shopping experience leaves more time for a glass of bubbly before boarding. Bon Voyage!