Whether it is for business or pleasure, your trip will not be the same if you do not have the right luggage. A robust and resistant suitcase, with perfect 360 degrees turning capability that can be carried effortlessly. Similarly, a good briefcase or document organiser can make all the difference.

Your choice of luggage helps you make a good first impression on any business trip, as well as helping you travel in an elegant and comfortable manner. Our editors have picked a selection of luggage and organizational products to ensure that your journeys are always pleasant.

Backpacks: Fiorelli Avery Mini Backpack White print

This backpack is the perfect size to carry as a handbag, as well as being a key trend piece. The flower print is a real eye-catcher. The combined pastel hues are spot on. Backpacks are here to stay and are worn by people of all ages and in any setting. This is a great resource to carry hand free as a handbag and is always convenient to wear to the airport.

Fiorelli Backpack

Carry-On Case: Samsonite Fiero Spinner 20

The name Samsonite is a synonym for quality, for any traveller. The brand is renowned around the world for the development of suitcases that are light, robust and beautiful. Samsonite now offers the Fiero Spinner 20, made of 100% Polycarbonate. The texture is extremely resistant to the typical scratching that can happen at airports. It also features a multi-directional four-wheel spinning system, as well as integrated TSA. Additionally, the carry-on size and weight allowances are those approved by most airlines.

Samsonite 613x613

Victorinox Travel Organizer with RFID Protection

More than just a document organiser, this is a perfect tool to help organise your travel. Ideal for those travelling with friends or family, it has enough capacity to fit several passports in the main pocket. Its sturdy structure features an easy but secure zip, preventing the loss of documents. Besides, you will find plenty of room for passports, IDs, tickets, and much more, all in one easy-to-carry organiser. This is the perfect ally for cautious passengers.

Travel organizer

Money Belt

When going abroad, the question of how and where to carry money securely can be an issue. Where should you carry cash to ensure that it will always be at hand? This Money Belt is the solution. Made in polyester, in a creamy colour, it is a flat pouch designed to keep money safely out of view. It can be comfortably worn under any outfit without bulging. If you are unlucky enough to get mugged or have your handbag stolen, your money will be safe, and you can carry on enjoying your trip.

Money belt

Travel Pillow Voyage Plush Nap

This travel pillow stands out because of its comfort. Why? Because it is made in a material characterised for softness, and which will not cause irritation or itchiness when in contact with skin. The colour is ideal to ensure it will not be left behind on arrival at your destination. Satisfying sleep and style guaranteed!

Travel pillow