The word gentleman is constantly being reinvented. Despite adopting different meanings over time, it is always intimately related to the same characteristic, the ability to consider every detail. Gentlemen still exist. They are elegant with informal touches, well mannered, honest, fair and humble. The particular historical time is irrelevant because as a general rule gentlemen want to command your attention.

When you remember someone, the first thing that comes to mind is their personal scent. This is the scent that can transport you to the places they have visited and to share memories and sensations. If you want to leave your imprint on that special someone, it is important to have a scent that identifies you.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour Eau de Parfum is a classic, sharp, and maverick scent. Beau De Jour presents a fragrance for the perfectly groomed gentleman, who considers every detail. A man who exhibits the best version of himself to the world. However, beneath the surface lies something deeper, refreshing and sublime in all its layers.


Tom Ford beau de Jour


Wherever your destination, Tom Ford Beau de Jour Eau de Parfum will add a luxury touch that deserves to be packed in your suitcase. Both the 50 and 100 ml editions showcase a golden label, with a metal plaque on the lid, evocative of a chess board.

In Detail

Top Notes: Lavender, and a hybrid of lavenders

Heart Notes: Rosemary, geranium, mint, oak moss, and basil

Base Notes: Patchouli and amber

If you are a slave to detail and know that perfume is the most important accessory in any outfit, stop by the duty free store and get the new Tom Ford Beau de Jour Eau de Parfum. Wear it, and you will be noticed. Unforgettable!

Tom Ford Beau de Jour

Classic.Sharp. Maverick. Beau De Jour Presents the perfectly groomed gentleman who considers every detail.

经典,清晰,特立独行。Beau De Jour展现的是一位仪容整洁、一丝不苟的绅士。

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