With the arrival of autumn comes a desire for all things sophisticated and feminine. As the the temperatures drop and the night’s grow longer, it’s only natural for us to desire a scent that’s warm and joyful, that’s as alluring and spirited as the women who wear it. Dolce & Gabbana The Only One is all those things and more. It’s a scent that makes you feel at one with yourself and focuses you as the centre of everyone’s attention. 

Fall in love with fragrance all over again

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One captures the sense of feminine sophistication we so desperately crave at this time of year. It’s hypnotic and deserves a spot in your fragrance collection. 

Initially, The Only One opens with energising bergamot and violet, before unveiling rich and comforting notes of coffee and iris. This unusual combination is a welcome surprise and one that sets The Only One apart from its contemporaries. The subtle jolt of a note of coffee is the uplifting scent we didn’t even know we needed, but it’s soothing and alluring at the same time. Allowed to mingle with the warmth of your skin, the fragrance mellows into something smooth and delicious, with notes of spicy vanilla and patchouli. The Only One is the olfactory equivalent of wrapping yourself in heavenly scented cashmere, it emboldens you and enables you to take command of any occasion. Its scented embrace helps project your vibrant spirit. 

Capturing a moment

The actress - and newly platinum - Emilia Clarke embodies the alluring spirit of Dolce & Gabbana The Only One. The commercial, created by the Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone, is set in a traditional Roman trattoria. The pressed white table cloths, accordion music and cosy tables add to the authentic feel, and as the audience, we are transported, in mind at least, to Italy. 

Like most women who wear The Only One, there’s more to Emilia than initially meets the eye. As a musician approaches her table, she begins to sing the sixties song Quando, Quando, Quando  ‒ in Italian, no less! As the music takes it up a beat and the crowd gets involved, Emilia joins the rest of the band and, wearing her black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress and accented with a classic red lipstick, sings for the entire restaurant. Wrapped in the scent of The Only One, Emilia is in her rightful place, the centre of everyone’s attention. To wear this scent is to radiate warmth and elegance. 

Message in a bottle 

Fragrance bottles should serve more than mere function ‒ they should be miniature pieces of art and sculpture that we’re proud to display on our dressing tables. The Only One bottle is bold and weighty with a distinctly luxurious feel. It has been designed to represent the woman who wears The Only One. It’s sleek and assertive. The peachy tone of the ‘juice’ was specifically requested because the makers felt it represents the wearer’s warm glow. The gold ring detailing at the base of the cap is a sophisticated finishing touch to what is sure to be your new favourite perfume. 

The Only One

An enchanting floral scent that combines violet and coffee and captures the essence of sophisticated and captivating femininity.

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