You can now experience the innovation of Skin Caviar Eye Lift, a serum that revives, raises and redefines the skin around the eyes and brows, created using cutting-edge biotechnological research.

When we are focusing on something, we observe it closely. The word ‘gaze’ evokes many other words such as intensity, and passion. This word is also related to more metaphorical phrases such as ‘look on with a sense of longing’, ‘look into your soul’, or ‘meet the gaze’. What is the meaning of this word gaze?
That is the question that La Prairie explores with their latest creation. The eyes have 22 muscles in constant movement and can tell the story of time. The delicate skin surrounding the eyes is the area of the face that often shows the most concentrated signs of ageing, particularly for the eyelids, eyebrows, general loss of elasticity, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. However, there is no need to worry about this when you apply Skin Caviar Eye Lift.

Science in your eyes

La Prairie consistently explores the limits of innovation. The science behind Caviar is constantly being renewed and improved. An infusion of Caviar Premier can make use of the potential to lift and is used to revive, firm and define the eye area.

Skin Caviar Eye Lift is the first serum that works for the whole area, including eyebrows. This product is tremendously effective and very easy to apply.
Caviar Premier, alongside La Prairie, utilises state-of-the-art biotechnology science to revive and energise skin cells, where all beauty is born.

Innovative Design

To complete the experience, Skin Caviar Eye Lift offers a stunning design. Inspired by Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, and its visible caviar pearls, this new treatment specifically targets firming and lifting and pays homage to the potency of reviving skin. To maintain the purity, it has been created to ensure that the contents of the product mix together with every use.

Immediate Results

Add Skin Caviar Eye Lift to your skincare routine in the mornings or evenings. A refreshing touch with immediate firming effects. Skin Caviar Eye Lift brings together science and state-of-the-art technology to improve your skincare routine.
Stop by duty free stores, and find a new way of looking at your next destination.


Discover Skin Caviar Eye Lift, for a gaze reawakened. La Prairie, for the promise of time.

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