The creators of Tanqueray Nº Ten proudly announce their ultimate innovation: Tanqueray Nº Ten Citrus Heart Edition. This ultra-premium gin is exclusively available at duty free shops before being launched around the world for the summer season.
Tanqueray Nº Ten Citrus Heart Edition offers the distinctive flavour of Tanqueray Nº Ten, but adds the tanginess of pink and white grapefruit, balanced with notes of juniper and a subtle finish of rosemary with its woody fragrance.



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Carefully crafted, this gin offers the perfect balance of citrus: sweet, sour and juicy. A fresh citrus heart gin that has been rated amongst the best in the market.
As hand-crafted gins gain popularity, the team at Tanqueray concentrated efforts on creating a Tanqueray Nº Ten edition that would attract gin lovers in search of new taste experiences. The result? An award-winning gin from a company with 200 years of experience and a passion to surpass the boundaries of taste.
For premium lovers, the brand has launched this special edition to be found exclusively at duty free shops for our frequent flyers to be the first to taste it or to make a super special present before this gin is out in the market.



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We know gin lovers are always on the lookout for new and exciting options. And this is what this new edition by Tanqueray is all about: a fresh gin that stimulates the palate. Upon opening the bottle your senses will come alive. Go ahead, indulge yourself or treat those who are special to you.
The ideal mixer for Tanqueray Nº Ten Citrus Heart Edition is a Copa glass of premium tonic and the recommended garnish is a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Tanqueray Nº Ten Citrus Heart

Tanqueray Nº Ten Grapefruit and Rosemary is perfect for Taste Explorers 

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