It does not really matter whether you are hanging out with your friends in the city, or travelling around. Or if it is Summer or Winter in your corner of the world. Sunglasses are a vital accessory both as protection for your eyes and as a statement of style and elegance. Ray Ban is one of those brands that is synonymous with protection against the harmful sun rays, as well as top sellers in every duty free store around the world. Can you think of a better place to find your new look for the next holiday?

Ray Ban’s new campaign #ProudToBelong showcases a return to their origins, presenting a series of designs and styles that seek to connect with the brand’s identity, and some of their most famous models. This iconic list includes Meteor, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Nina, and Clubround. Yes! The same sunglasses your parents used to wear are back, and they are trendier than ever.

#ProudToBelong is all about going back to your roots and rediscovering your sense of identity in the process. Whether it means going back to the neighbourhood, or recontacting your old friends from school. Their essence will still be there, despite events in their lives or any adventures they have had. This is why we have selected some of the most significant styles from the Ray Ban Catalogue to compile our Top 3 list for this season.



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The Meteor


Ray Ban Meteor

The Meteor is a seminal ‘60s style ideal for those who like to do things a little differently. It comes with a rounder lens and a larger bridge. Think of it as a classic with a twist, a favourite reimagined for our times. A winning choice for your next travels, or as a classy and stylish gift.

The Nina


Ray Ban Nina

The Nina frame is the relaunch of a ‘60s favourite for women, featuring a sharp, cat-eye design, a keyhole bridge, and rivets. An all time favourite, Nina promises to return to the centre of the fashion scene and is destined to become one of the must-have accessories of the year.

The Clubmaster


Ray Ban Clubmaster

This line was a favourite for many of the leading cultural figures of the ‘50s, and it is due to this fact that their recognisable design remains imprinted in the eyes of a generation. They are now back and ready to take over the Instagram feeds era. The new lines feature exciting colour combinations such as Green/Grey, Brown/Blue, and Grey/Purple, all available with polarised lenses. 

You can find all of the above Ray Ban lines in our duty free stores around the world.

Ray Ban Classics

These iconic sunglasses dive into their classic lines.

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