If you're eager to embark on new adventures this year, this guide delves into the latest travel trends, offering insights to enrich your journey planning. Let's embark on this exploration together, as we uncover the travel landscapes of 2024.


Travel Trend 1: Destination Dupes - Unveiling Authentic Experiences Away from the Crowd

2024 spotlights the emergence of "Destination Dupes." This trend draws travellers to lesser-known yet equally enchanting locales, offering the charm of famous destinations without the crowds and often exorbitant costs.

Picture a quaint coastal town echoing the allure of a renowned beach spot, or a cultural haven that mirrors the spirit of a famed city. These destination dupes blend authenticity with novelty, presenting an exclusive, uncharted travel experience.

Such travel goes beyond the destination; it's about connecting deeply with local cultures and traditions, discovering the unique stories each place holds. From an under-the-radar European village to a secluded island paradise, these destination dupes offer a novel perspective on travel in 2024.


Travel Trend 2: Dry Tripping - Embracing Wellness in Every Journey

The focus on personal wellness shapes the "Dry Tripping" trend in 2024. This approach encourages experiences that foster well-being, devoid of alcohol. Imagine a wellness retreat amidst nature or a relaxation-focused cruise, all designed to rejuvenate mind and body.

Dry tripping represents a holistic approach to health, incorporating mental and emotional wellness. Destinations typically boast natural beauty and tranquility, ideal for activities like yoga and meditation. As a significant travel trend, it invites travellers to prioritize health and find equilibrium in their adventures.

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Travel Trend 3: Set Jetting - Embark on a Cinematic Adventure

For film aficionados and adventurers, "Set Jetting" in 2024 offers a chance to traverse the settings of beloved movies and TV shows. This trend transforms vacations into cinematic explorations, connecting travellers with the art of storytelling and the magic of filmmaking.

Set jetting provides an immersive way to engage with popular culture, creating lasting memories. Whether you're a movie enthusiast or simply seeking a unique travel dimension, this trend promises an exciting and memorable experience.

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Travel Trend 4: AI in Travel - Personalized Adventures at Your Fingertips

The synergy of authenticity and technology defines the rise of AI in personalizing travel experiences. AI-driven tools offer tailored recommendations based on your preferences, enhancing the enjoyment of each destination.

In 2024, AI extends to duty-free shopping at airports, offering an advanced shopping experience. Technologies like our Fragrance Finder, Virtual Try-On, and Skin Analysis enhance decision-making, while The Whisky Finder delivers curated selections.

Stay ahead with the Red By Dufry app, your tech-savvy travel companion, for a seamless and personalized journey.


Travel Trend 5: Sustainable Travel Choices - Embracing Eco-Conscious Journeys

The growing global consciousness about environmental issues fuels the trend of sustainable travel. Travellers are increasingly opting for eco-friendly accommodations and carbon-neutral transport, reshaping the travel industry towards more responsible practices.

Green escapes not only offer an enjoyable travel experience but also contribute to a sustainable future. Let 2024 be the year where your travel choices make a positive environmental impact.

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Travel Trend 6: Immersive Cultural Experiences - Diving Deep into Local Traditions

This trend involves immersing oneself in local festivals, engaging with indigenous communities, and discovering hidden cultural treasures. It's about forging meaningful connections and gaining an authentic appreciation of diverse cultures.

From exploring historical neighborhoods to participating in traditional ceremonies, the focus is on creating impactful memories that highlight the rich cultural fabric of our destinations.

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Final Thoughts: Embrace the Adventure

As you plan your 2024 travels, these trends offer exciting opportunities to redefine your experiences. From discovering hidden locales to immersing in cultural richness, make this year a tapestry of unforgettable journeys.


Wishing you safe and enriching travels!